Short Term Rentals

FSNA has launched a pilot project to collect information on short term rentals (such as AirBNBs, VRBO) in an effort to address some of the issues some of us have experienced with the properties.  These issues include weeds and trash, loud parties, parking issues, and violence.  

We need YOUR help to create a database of "problem" properties that we can then share with stakeholders (IFD, IMPD, Health Department, AirBNB, Vrbo, etc.) to demonstrate the owners of these properties are not properly maintaining these addresses or ensuring their occupants keep Fountain Square neighbors safe.

**If you have an immediate issue or are in danger contact 911, police non-emergency, or other relevant city services directly.  This form is for data collection purposes only and will not be used to directly contact emergency services.**

Should you notice any non-emergency issues at a short-term rental property, please complete THIS FORM to help us collect the needed data about these properties.  If possible, once an emergency has passed, please fill out the form for those incidents as well.  We ask that you fill out the form EVERY time there is a problem - this helps us demonstrate to stakeholders that the property is an ongoing nuisance.

We hope you will participate if there is a "problem" short term rental property near you.  With your help, we can hopefully prompt City stakeholders to address these problems with the property owners, or respond to these issues on a more consistent basis.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions and concerns.