Land Use Committee


The Land Use Committee is established to provide guidance and recommendations on land use matters relevant to the FSNA Membership. The Committee provides a forum where developers and residents of the Fountain Square Neighborhood can collaborate and discuss neighborhood development objectives.


  1. Review variance petitions upon notification from the Board of Zoning Appeals in a timely manner.

  2. Provide summary information and recommendations to the FSNA Board and Membership.

  3. Develop general standards of common acceptable and unacceptable variance requests.

Marketing & Social Media Committee


The Marketing & Social Media Committee is responsible for using social media as a means to connect and engage members, grow the membership base, and connect residents to various resources. The Marketing & Social Media Committee is responsible for creating a forum where members can regularly connect and interact on social networks, ultimately raising the profile of FSNA through the use of social media to market events and membership.


  1. Create and update FSNA’s website.

  2. Create a comprehensive social media strategic plan to define programs using social media marketing techniques to increase visibility, membership, and involvement across the neighborhood and implement and manage social media programs.

  3. Identify innovative and effective marketing, branding, outreach, recruitment, communication methods and media.

  4. Maintain the FSNA Social Networking pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Increase followers and keep the pages and information current.

Community Engagement Committee


The Community Engagement Committee is established to create a stronger connection between FSNA members and increase engagement in the Association. FSNA is dedicated to creating a strong network of neighbors who care about the street they live on and the people they live next to. The Committee provides a forum where committee members and neighbors can come together to share and implement ideas to better connect and engage the members and neighbors of Fountain Square.


  1. Host events where neighbors can learn new things, meet new people, or just have fun.

  2. Connect with more neighbors in a more meaningful way.

  3. Foster an environment of increased involvement and engagement.

  4. Promote diversity and increase representation in the Neighborhood Association.

  5. Ensure neighborhood meetings help keep members engaged in the community

  6. Increase membership in the Association.

Quality of Life Committee


The Quality of Life Committee is established to provide guidance and recommendations on various issues relevant to the residents. The Committee promotes the quality of life in the Neighborhood by creating, participating in, and supporting activities and programs that improve the physical and aesthetic environment of our community.


  1. Identify and provide recommendations to the board about issues impacting the residents such as sidewalks, stormwater, and graffiti.

  2. Making neighborhood safer and cleaner.

  3. Improve the attractiveness, appearance and infrastructure by promoting cleanup and beautification initiatives in the neighborhood

  4. Contact and partner with representatives from the City and local non-profit organizations who are involved in target efforts