Neighborhood Cleanup

Spring Cleanup 2024

This is one of two annual neighborhood clean-ups hosted by the Fountain Square Neighborhood Association. Neighbors gather to pick up litter, clean curb muck and drains, and generally attend to the built environment in the community.

Date: Saturday, April 6, 2024

Time: 10:00a – 1:30p

FSNA Spring Cleanup 2024 Signup Form - Please complete this form so we can properly plan and allocate resources.


10:00a – Gather, welcome, grab gear – Stacy Park

10:30a – Start the cleanup.

12:00p – 1:30p – Packer truck arrives at Stacy Park to begin route.

1:30p – Conclude (Optional happy hour at a local establishment)

Routes and Cleanup Areas:

Base Camp

- Greet volunteers, make route assignments, and distribute supplies

- Take group photo before people leave to start the clean up

- While volunteers are out, pick up litter in Stacy Park

- Inform the packer truck of the route to take

Curb Muckers – Must be there until 1p.

- Clean intersection of Woodlawn and Spruce

Litter Brigade – Collection and bagging ends by 12:30p

- Route 1 – Olive Street (Prospect to Spann)

- Route 2 – State Street (English to Prospect)

- Route 3 – Linden Street (Prospect to Pleasant Run)

- Route 4 – Orange Street (State to Shelby)

Drain Cleaning Crew

- Clean drains along each route