Become a Member

Just living in Fountain Square means you are important to us. It also gives you the opportunity of becoming an official member of our association.

  • Members stay up to date with our members only email communications that go out monthly keeping everyone in the loop.

  • Members get their voice heard by receiving the ability to vote on all matters brought to vote.

    • Items to be voted on are communicated prior to voting in accordance with our bylaws and the option of proxy voting is given.

  • Membership dues are owed annually by each household member 18 years of age or older.

  • Membership dues are $5 per member each calendar year.

    • Dues can be paid at any meeting via cash, check or card.

    • Dues can be paid online at any time. See link below.

    • A $1 convenience fee is assessed for all credit or debit card transactions.