KIB Tree Planting

At FSNA's February meeting, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful gave a presentation about an opportunity for some of our Fountain Square neighbors to participate in a tree planting project in the area.  KIB will be planting trees in the public right of way (a portion of which may be contained in a neighbor's front yard) on following dates.  

Please note the right of way may include up to ten feet into a neighbor's front yard based on City ordinances.  In an effort to keep our neighbors fully informed about the project, we've created this page!

KIB will be canvassing and visiting addresses where they intend to plant trees on the map before planting any trees.  They will be visiting addresses where they intend to plant trees. Neighbors interested in opting out can tell KIB when they canvas, or email

FSNA takes no official stance on this project and this page is for informational purposes only.